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Lindab Guttering

At Roof2FloorDrains we supply the Lindab Rainline range of steel guttering systems which offers the highest quality, with the lowest CO 2 footprint of any other system. It is suitable for new build, replacement, restoration or conservation projects.
Rainline has been developed by professionals to combine durability, flexibility and ease of installation – and with steel’s low cradle-to-grave CO 2 impact, it promises decades of performance.
A policy of continual research and development has made Lindab Rainline steel systems the top choice of Architects, builders, installers and DIY enthusiasts alike, with customer feedback ensuring that the Rainline system reflects the needs of the specifier, installer and end-user.
Features and benefits of Lindab Rainline are:
• Made to last with the lowest cradle-to-grave impact
• Steel is the ultimate material for roof-drainage systems. It is much lighter than cast iron, is easier to handle than aluminium and offers minimal thermal movement compared to plastic (which can move and crack causing leaks)
• Simplified construction - No specialist tools or skills are required; gutters and downpipes simply push together without the need for any sealants
• Stylish design for a variety of buildings - Designed for large or small, classic or contemporary
• Low maintenance - The only maintenance required is an occasional wipe or wash down. Easy assembly and installation guarantee a long service life
• Vandal resistant - Highly resistant to attack from vandals - can be fixed flush to a wall to prevent anyone climbing up the downpipe
• Lindab Rainline coated products all come with a standard 15-year guarantee and a further 5 years on the aluzinc range. The guarantee covers the whole system including the integrity of the steel itself
• Tests have proven that Rainline steel systems reflect the lowest cradle-to-grave impact by minimizing the use of raw materials, components, energy, packaging and transport
• Cost-effective solution - Competitively priced against leading plastic systems and inexpensive compared with aluminium and cast iron
Lindab Rainline steel gutters and downpipes are available in several dimensions and an extensive range of components, offering solutions for any type of building, large or small, classic or contemporary.
• Half Round Steel Guttering in 100mm Steel, 125mm Steel and 150mm Steel.
• Round Steel Downpipes in 75mm Steel, 87mm Steel and 100mm Steel.
• New Rectangular Steel Gutter 136mm
Lindab Rainline steel gutter system is available in plain uncoated galvanised and aluzinc finishes or from a choice of ten different colours. Each is coated with extra durable highbuild polyester paint for an attractive and elegant finish. For a totally individual look Lindab Rainline can also be supplied in natural copper. Key colours available are as follows:
• Antique White RAL 9002
• Black RAL 9005
• Silver Metallic RAL 9006
• Brown RAL 8017
• Dark Grey RAL 7011
• Copper Metallic RAL 8003
• Tile Red RAL 8004
• Dark Red RAL 3009
• Anthracite Metallic RAL 7037
• Pine Green RAL 6020
• All coated-steel colours are UV stable and will not fade

When it comes to specifying and installing a new rainwater system, the facts speak for themselves: You could choose PVC. But aside from environmental concerns, it will suffer from thermal movement and leaks, needing major repairs or replacement in only a few short years and ending up in a skip awaiting landfill. The other two alternatives are aluminium and cast iron. Whilst neither suffer from PVC’s environmental problems, they are both more expensive than steel. And in the case of cast iron, the weight issue makes fitting difficult and expensive. With steel, you are getting a cost-effective solution; about the same price as a mid-range PVC system. And a completely environmentally friendly installation that is 100% recyclable.
By selecting steel for a rainwater system, you are choosing a long-term and environmentally friendly system. Lindab’s Rainline system is made from recyclable sheet steel; the main raw material is completely ‘green’ and has a natural place in today’s approach to sustainability. Lindab’s Rainline steel gutter system is simplicity to fit and will last for decades. Some Rainwater systems don’t grow old gracefully. We’ve all seen it, downpipes with broken joints, cracked guttering and snapped brackets. The results are all too clear, with damp patches and expensive repairs. This problem is particularly prevalent here in the UK, with so much use of plastic drainage systems. The weight of snow or moss build-up breaks the guttering brackets and as the pipes age they move and crack, allowing leakage and brickwork damage. Because plastic is UV unstable after a few years, it becomes unsightly and brittle.There are alternatives; cast iron or aluminium for instance. However, the first has a weight problem and both are comparatively expensive. Lindab Rainline is comparable in cost to mid-range plastic systems and offers minimal movement and UV stability, and will not crack, fade or leak. It is highly resistant to corrosion, virtually maintenance free and vandal-proof.
Lindab Rainline steel gutter system offers the highest quality when it comes to combining durability, flexibility and ease of installation. This system has been developed by professionals and over time it has grown to become the top choice of architects. builder’s and homeowners alike, due to its hardwearing properties which ensure decades of performance. To provide long-term life, the steel is rustproofed by a 275g zinc coating. This galvanised coating is naturally self-healing; any scratch or cut is automatically sealed by zinc ions which migrate to re-coat the uncovered steel.
Lindab Rainline is manufactured from up to 30% recycled material and is itself completely recyclable. The integrity of the system will last in excess of 70 years – so no need to worry about costly disposal problems or the likely impact on the environment.
Rainline is made from galvanised steel sheeting and to provide durable rustproofing it is coated with zinc. Steel is the roof drainage system that offers the highest quality when it comes to combining durability, flexibility and ease of installation. Steel is strong, versatile and durable, but it needs to be processed professionally. Lindab buys more than 200,000 tonnes of steel every year; that is equivalent to what is needed to manufacture about half a million cars. With this much experience, it is clear they know what they are doing. Steel has proven itself to be the material of choice, particularly in harsh climates. Scandinavia, for instance, has embraced steel rainwater systems because of their strength and durability. Lindab’s market presence now covers 128 locations in 31 countries, with over 1000 distributors, covering Europe and the USA. Rainline’s hardwearing properties ensure decades of performance without rusting or leaking. The system has been developed by professionals for professionals, who recognise that steel is the ultimate material for roof drainage systems. In the UK, PVC or plastic rainwater systems have become the most popular, even though plastic has the highest carbon footprint and tends to discolour, becomes brittle and is not inherently rigid. In fact, the chemical building blocks that have made plastics so versatile are the same components that now harm our environment. Over 300 million tonnes of plastics are now produced worldwide, with the disposal contributing to an array of environmental and even health problems. With this in mind, steel is being specified more and more. Lindab’s recyclable steel is the material of choice for today’s built environment.
The Rainline guttering system is the competitive choice when compared to leading plastic systems – and is actually inexpensive compared with aluminium or cast iron. In fact, in comparison with aluminium and cast iron, Lindab steel guttering is cheaper, lighter and much easier to install. Aside from the environmental concerns about PVC rainwater systems, cost is always a major constraint. So it’s refreshing to see that the most environmentally friendly choice is also the most competitive. But the competitive choice of steel doesn’t end with the price. With steel you get a more stable and long-lived installation, with a guarantee of 15 years on coated products, in fact the steel itself has a lifespan of up to 70 years. Installation and fitting is made simple and fast, with snap-on outlets, clip together pipe holders and adjustable smart brackets, giving you further savings on time and labour. The case for steel, against PVC is growing.
Lindab’s steel rainwater gutter system has been designed and manufactured to cope with Swedish weather, extensively tested to offer the best rust-free installation and to last for decades. So if Rainline can cope with the extremes of Sweden, imagine how well it will perform in the UK. Steel is now specified for an unlimited range of building solutions, from complete turnkey buildings to minor components. It offers an unlimited range of economical, functional and environmental construction solutions. Lindab’s steel building components range from ingenious systems for roofs, to walls and rainwater guttering.
Warranty Conditions
These are the minimum conditions to complement the Lindab Rainline warranty. The Warranty does not apply to usage in particularly corrosive or aggressive environments such as industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmosphere or coast or offshore environments with high salt content. Exposure to corrosive chemicals, corrosive smoke, condensation and ash or concrete dust will also render the warranty void.
Installation - Gutters must be mounted with a slope in accordance with the installation manual. Metal filings, resulting from cutting or similar, shall be removed immediately after mounting. Any damages occurring on the painted surface during the installation must be painted directly.   Maintenance twice a year gutters and downpipes must be cleaned from dirt, leaves and other pollutants which may prevent a free flow in the system. Verify that the coating of the system is intact. If a damage to the surface layer is discovered it must be painted directly.
Repairing / Painting - When damages on the surface layer are discovered the following procedure should be observed. Alkaline cleaner (5% caustic soda solution, add some car shampoo). Wash off with clean water. Wipe the surface dry and remove any corrosion with sandpaper. Paint with a zinc rich primer on the cleaned surface. Paint 2 times with touch up paint that can be purchased by Lindab. Touch up painting should only be done in ambient temperatures. Differences in shade may occur.
If you have ANY questions about our products, or want to give us some feedback about your shopping experience with us, please feel free to contact us on 0330  2231732 or email: sales@r2fdrains.co.uk