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Harmer Drainage Systems

The Harmer Roof drainage range offers an unrivalled choice of rainwater outlets which combine innovative engineering and high performance materials for use with all types of waterproofing systems and building construction.
With over 40 years experience in the field of roof drainage,Harmer has an unrivalled track record in delivering technically sophisticated roof outlets that ensure trouble-free performance and ease of installation. The new Harmer Roof rainwater outlet range consists of aluminium, cast iron, stainless steel and insulated polyurethane outlets. This range of materials and innovative designs provide a comprehensive choice of rainwater outlets that are suitable for all types of roof applications.
Architectural design, and advances in roofing materials have transformed the use of flat roofs in recent years. Harmer’s extensive range of rainwater outlets and raised deck supports offers great flexibility of choice for designers to optimise the spatial use of the building roof.
Harmer offers a wide range of roof drainage products suited to different types of roof construction including structural concrete, metal deck, timber deck, warm roof, cold roof, green roof and inverted roof. A secure connection between the waterproofing membrane and rainwater outlet is critical. Harmer Roof outlets can be used with all types of membrane including asphalt, built-up felt, single ply and wet-applied systems. 
Flat and Low Pitched Roofs
The Harmer Roof range is suitable for all types of flat and low pitch roofs. Harmer’s patented AV aluminium range provides optimum flow performance minimising the number of outlets. The anti-vortex effect accelerates as the depth of water at the outlet, or rainfall intensity, increases ensuring effective water disposal even in extreme weather. Installations are covered to suit most bearing applications. For copper or lead clad roof applications where the risk of bi-metallic corrosion is high, a comprehensive range of cast iron outlets is available in Medium Sump, Large Sump and Two-Way Parapet configurations. 
Car Parks, Factories and Workshops 
Load bearing applications where rainwater outlets are exposed to vehicular traffic are catered for in both cast iron and aluminium. Ductile iron grates have a load rating up to 12.5 tonnes.
Adaptable solutions are available for drainage of balcony areas in aluminium, cast iron and stainless steel. The new Harmer aluminium shallow sump balcony outlet provides an unobtrusive design solution in new and refurbishment projects. The extensive grate options further enhance the functionality and appearance of the drain for use with paving supports, sand or cement bedding and epoxy resin coverings. The Harmer Balcony range can be combined with Alumasc architectural rainwater products where colour matching and bespoke manufacture opens up endless design possibilities.
Roof Terraces
A wide range of hard and soft landscaping materials can now be installed on roof areas to combine ecological benefits with strong visual enhancement and recreational use. Harmer provides a comprehensive range of drainage solutions for such applications by combining its traditional ranges with new innovative products. The Harmer Modulock system is an innovative solution for raised deck drainage on green roofs, terraces, walkways and ballasted flat roof construction. The range comprises raised paving supports and drainage channels that can be used in combination or individually to provide a versatile drainage system.
The Harmer Roof range consists of premium quality materials chosen for their inherent strength and durability, for ease of installation and long-life service.
Aluminium is durable and strong. It is also weatherproof and unaffected by UV light, ensuring optimal performance over its lifetime. Renowned for high quality, the Harmer Roof aluminium range is manufactured from marine grade aluminium alloy which has excellent corrosion resistance.
Cast Iron and Ductile Iron
Cast iron is strong, durable and widely used in drainage applications. Ductile iron is used for its tensile strength in load bearing applications. The Harmer Roof cast iron range combines both these materials to optimise product performance.
Stainless Steel and Galvanised Steel
Stainless steel is a corrosion-resistant metal that is both strong and aesthetically pleasing. Galvanised steel combines high performance and value engineering for use in many types of application. The Harmer Modulock Channel Drain system is available in both materials to suit individual project requirements.
Polypropylene and Polyurethane
Polyurethane materials are used where insulated outlets areBalconies required to eliminate condensation in warm roof construction. The Harmer Roof range combines the use of UV-stable polypropylene domical grates with other low-maintenance materials.
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