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Hargreaves Cast iron

The Premier system from Hargreaves Foundry is a traditional cast iron system for external, above ground rainwater and soil drainage.
All these products are manufactured to BS460 for rainwater goods and BS416 for soil. The range includes Premier and Premier Extra Rainwater and Premier Soil. Hargreaves Foundry Premier Range offers a complete range of standard products and can also deliver 'one off' and bespoke items. It is suitable for new build, replacement, restoration or conservation projects.
Cast iron is an increasingly popular choice for drainage systems thanks to its traditional virtues of strength, reliability and versatility and for its sustainability and the fact that it is 100% recyclable. The combination of supreme functionality with a product that looks better than any of its competitor materials provides customers with the best solution for their drainage needs. 
Hargreaves Foundry has built its business on the basis of friendly, flexible and prompt service. We distribute exclusively through merchants to customers throughout the UK, Ireland and the Channel Isles and also into Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Australia.
Hargreaves Foundry UK operations and production are all on one site. This includes the sales office, pattern making and foundry, warehouse, fabrication and painting facilities. One person will manage your order throughout each stage of the process, ensuring quality standards and delivery deadlines are met in full. This individual will be accountable to you. As a
result of this;
• Over 99% of confirmed orders on standard items are delivered on time and in full in 3 to 4 days.
• Over 99% of specials or bespoke items are delivered on an agreed timescale and in full.
• Over 99% of Premier Extra orders are delivered on an agreed timescale and in full.
In addition to this we have technical sales staff who can provide advice, information and quotes, who will be happy to visit office or site, are familiar with the needs of both specifiers and contractors and have experience working as part of a project team.
The benefits of cast iron
Cast iron is particularly well suited for all drainage systems and is a popular choice for conventional rainwater and soil drainage. It offers many benefits, both to the customer and the contractor, which include: 
• Strength and durability - cast iron is able to withstand the rigours of on site handling, mechanical de-blocking and vandalism
• Long life - when correctly installed cast iron drainage systems will last the life of the building, whether domestic, public, industrial or commercial.
• Low maintenance - cast iron requires little ongoing maintenance, annual inspections are recommended but remedial action is rarely required.
• Design capability - that will meet the needs of restoration, refurbishment, conservation and heritage work equally as well as new, bespoke and unique designs.
• Sustainability - in addition to lasting the life of a building and requiring minimal maintenance, cast iron is also 100% recyclable and can therefore be used again after the building has gone.
• Cost effective - owing to its longevity and low maintenance, coupled with its fire resistance and low noise operation, the cost benefits of cast iron are significant.
The benefits of the Premier range
Premier cast iron drainage products are easily available throughout the UK, Ireland and the Channel Isles. Hargreaves stocks and distributes exclusively through Builders and Plumbers Merchants but is happy to talk directly to customers to help them procure the specific products they need. 
Hargreaves is a manufacturer as well as a stockist and can offer many years of experience to customers who require more information or advice about their particular needs.
Being a working foundry with our own pattern shop means we can make 'specials' or bespoke items to meet the needs of projects for which standard products are inappropriate.
Premier Rainwater BS 460
Our traditional range of cast iron rainwater and sand cast products has been available for many years in standard grey zinc phosphate primer finish. The standards for rainwater goods have remained remarkably constant over time, which means that replacing or integrating new with old is easy.
We manufacture and stock a complete range of Premier Rainwater pipes, gutters, standard and decorative rainwater heads with fittings and accessories. In addition, using our own pattern making and foundry facilities, we can manufacture one off castings and non standard, bespoke items for individual buildings.
Premier Extra Rainwater BS 460
Premier Extra offers the same cast iron range as Premier Rainwater and has been developed to satisfy the needs of specifiers and contractors requiring a 'ready to fix' product with no further painting on site. Finished in a black semi gloss as standard, it is also available in a comprehensive range of BS and RAL colours (price on application).
The key features and benefits of Premier Extra include;
• Reduced labour time on site
• Lower cost than powder coated cast aluminium products
• Reduced maintenance
• Factory applied coating in clean, dust free environment
• Delivered protectively wrapped and ready to fit
Please note:- When specifying or ordering Premier Extra simply prefix the standard rainwater code with an X.
Premier Soil BS 416
For the same reasons that make cast iron such a successful material for rainwater, it is also extremely well suited for soil drainage purposes.
Premier Soil is a traditional, cast iron, socket and spigot caulked soil system, which we supply in a bituminous black finish. We manufacture and stock a complete range of soil pipes and fittings. As with our rainwater products we would expect with proper maintenance and normal wear and tear our soil drainage products to last for 100 years.
Warns Gutter Overflow Outlets
UK (GB 2351092) and USA (US 6,668,492 B2) Patents Hargreaves Foundry has an exclusive Patent Licence Agreement with Nicholas Warns Architect to manufacture and distribute the Warns Gutter Overflow Outlet in cast iron. The overflow outlets direct water clear of the building if the downpipe becomes blocked or restricted, These gutter overflow outlets incorporate an overflow spout on the front of the gutter, in line with the outlet to the downpipe. At the junction of the overflow spout and gutter outlet there is a “weir plate” which in normal conditions allows the rainwater to discharge from the outlet into the down pipe. Should the outlet / down pipe be blocked or partially obstructed, the level within the gutter will rise and bridge the weir to overflow from the spout at the front. This has two benefits: firstly rainwater is thrown away of the building if there is a blockage or restriction on the outlet or down pipe, thereby protecting the building below from water overflowing from the gutter or down the outside of the down pipe; secondly, a visual warning that maintenance is needed is given without having to get up to the gutter, and it also shows when there is a blockage or restriction out of sight in the down pipe or swan neck if one is fitted. This is particularly helpful on gutters which are high or difficult to get to, as it saves costly regular access for checking, access is only needed if maintenance is required. The outlets can be made as part of any of our gutter sections. They can also be made with extended outlet pipes to allow for special architectural situations, for example where the down pipe passes through a cornice.
If you have ANY questions about our products, or want to give us some feedback about your shopping experience with us, please feel free to contact us on 0330 2231732 or email: sales@r2fdrains.co.uk